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    brand new

    That's our very first! Natural shower gel with hibiscus flower extract, allantoin and prebiotic inulin, for those of you who love hibiscus soap, shampoo bar and hibiscus, in general. Perfect lather, perfect cleanse.


  • eco-glitters

    shine, shine baby!

    These glitter freckles, Ladies and Gentlemen, serve no other purpose than to adorn (and please.) Or maybe it serves all the conceivable purposes in the world?
    We tested these shimmering speckles at parties and festivals, at work, in the store, and at the hummus bar. They're awesome.
    Come on, try them, and shine!

Natural face care

Face requires proper care all year round - we cleanse it every day, hydrate it, sometimes it needs our support in regeneration and protection from wind, cold and frost. However, facial care does not have to consist of a thousand steps! :) Appropriately selected, gentle, yet effective cosmetics will allow you to enjoy healthy skin all year round. Organic hydrosols, natural serums and face creams, cosmetics for cleansing and supporting skin regeneration...you will find them all at Ministerstwo!

Natural body care

Discover natural and nourishing body care cosmetics that pamper the senses. Created with love and care for the body (and soul ;)) by a Polish, family-run brand - Ministerstwo! Refined to the last comma and well-researched formulations have already won the hearts of thousands of customers. Soaps, all-purpose shampoo bars, classic body lotions in the form of butters, as well as handy, hygienic lotion sticks, massage oils, scrubs, and bath bombs...

Who are we?

Ministerstwo is a small, family-owned soap producer. Sisters Ania and Ula Bieluń founded Ministerstwo in the North-Western part of Poland, in Kamień Pomorski.

We produce solid, hand-made soaps and cosmetics. Our secrets for success lay in our choice of excellent raw materials.

Ministerstwo came out of a soap obsession, a sense of humor weaned on Monty Python and their Ministry of Silly Walks and the feeling that it's good to do something well.

Joanne Harris' book "Chocolat" also had a bit of an impact on us. In her book the main character runs a store with chocolates and always knows what will best suit each customer.


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