The store does not automatically collect any information, with exception of the information contained in cookies.

Cookies files are data, in particular text files which are saved on the device of the user of the store and are for the use of the Internet pages of the store. Cookies usually contain the name of the Internet page from which they come, the time they are to be saved on the device as well as a unique identification number.

The subject of cookies files featured on the device of the store user and possessing access to them is the operator of the store.

Cookies files are used for:

- For personalization of the contents of the Internet page of the store to the preferences of the user as well as optimization for use of the Internet pages. In particular, these files allow the device to recognize the user of the store and appropriately show the Internet store, personalized to his individual needs;


- For creating creating statistics which help vendor to understand in what ways the users of the store make use of the store, which allows for improvements in its structure and content.


In the case of the store there are two types of cookies files used: “session” cookies and “persistent” cookies. Session cookies are temporary files which are saved on the device of the user until the user leaves the Internet page or shuts down the Internet browser. Persistent cookies are saved on user’s device for the period chosen within the software’s cookies’ preferences or until the user erases them.

In the store the following types of cookies files are use: “essential” cookies, which allow the use of services available in the store, e.g. authentication cookies which allow services to recognize authentication in the store; cookies provide safety, e.g. they are used to uncover abuse in authentication in the store; “efficiency” cookies allow for the collection of information for use by the internet pages of the store; “functional” cookies allow certain preferences of the user to be saved and the personalization of the interface for the user, e.g. the language or region of the user, the size of the text, look of the internet page, and so on; “commercial” cookies allow the delivery of commercials that are appropriate to the user’s interests.

In many cases, software aiding the surfing of web pages (Internet browser), as a default, allows for the saving of cookies files in the user’s device. Users of the store can make changes at any time to the settings regarding cookies. Settings can be changed, in particular, in such a way as to block the automatic service of cookies in the settings of the Internet browser or to inform the user of the store about their use each time. Specific information about the possibilities and methods of servicing cookies are available in the software settings (Internet browser).

The store’s operator informs its users that limiting the application of cookies can affect certain functions available on the Internet pages of the store.

Cookies saved on the device of the user of the store and use of them can also be available to advertisers or partners cooperating with the operator of the store.

More information on the subject of cookies is available at the Internet address: or in the “HELP” section in the menu of any Internet browser.