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It took us almost five years to get ready to appear in small brick-and-mortar stores.

When we started selling our soap in November 2014, it was just the two Bieluń sisters. We didn’t know much about production, even less about sales and nothing about what was coming.

We were afraid to increase the scale of production, of hurting the quality or losing control over our micro-company.

You, on the other hand, were very patient.

You were writing, calling and asking, you were constantly repeating that it will be possible one day, that you are keeping your fingers crossed and that you believe we will make it happen.

You were giving suggestions on how to deal with thin profit margins, logistics and customer service.

As our customers you kept on saying that you wanted to see us in your smaller and bigger cities in order to be able to smell, touch, and see our products before buying.

In the meantime, we realized that we won’t be able to open up a line of stores, that it won’t be possible to be everywhere we want to be, while keeping high quality customer service at the same time.

It was a choice between making new products, devising new formulas and ideas, or founding new stores. We chose the former.

We have gathered hundreds of emails and contacts from small physical and online stores, both Polish and international. In the meantime we were working on perfecting our processes. We standardized all the necessary documents, we bought a few new machines and finally, we created procedures to make sure that not a single soap bar, not a single product will make us look bad.

And now we are here, available to talk and plan with you.

We are not sure if we are 100% ready because we don’t know what lies ahead, but we know for sure that beyond there are many amazing people we can talk to, negotiate with and offer some advice to; people who know what they want and are waiting for us to meet their specific needs.

Come work with us.

We’ll be super happy :)

You can reach us at:

+48 690 085 025

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Wholesale Terms and Conditions


Shoot us an email:

We like people.

We like to talk, laugh, work things out together, to join forces and then celebrate when we manage to create something great. This is why we don't have a set offer for our corporate clients.

There won't be any sets for 10, 20 and 50 Euro.

There won't be any ready-made boxes in small, medium, extra large sizes nor silver, gold or platinum memberships.

All that we require is just a straightforward e-mail to us at: B2B@MINISTERSTWO.IO.

We can prepare gift sets - small presents, moderate sets or even big packages.

We pack our products in eco-friendly carton boxes and stamp them with our logo, or we can adorn them with the logo of your company.

It is is topped with a sticker letting you know who prepared the package.

We can insert your own text or message on it.

We can also help you personalize your order with a decorative wrap or band.

We always make sure that your order is delivered quickly and safely.

The sets are shipped in multi-pack packaging, delivered to you on a pallet.

This allows us to ensure quality and the safety of your sets during the delivery process.

Write to us at: