Ministerstwo is a small, family owned soap producer. Sisters Ania and Ula Bieluń founded Ministerstwo in the north-western part of Poland, in Kamień Pomorski. 

We produce solid, hand made soaps and cosmetics, and our secrets for success lay in our choice of excellent raw materials, craftsmanship, and hard work.

Ministerstwo came out of a soap obsession, a sense of humor weaned on Monty Python, their Ministry of silly walks and the feeling that it's "Good to do something well".

 Joanne Harris' book Chocolat also had a bit of an impact on us. In her book, the main character runs a store with chocolates and always knows what will best suit each customer. 

We were also inspired by the documentary film Jiro dreams of sushi about the one sushi chef in the world who was able to get the four Michelin stars; about uncomprimising modesty and love of work.