We specialize in hand-made small batch natural soaps, prepared according to our own recipes, according to the traditional principles of the soap-making craft.
The first step of the work begins on paper.
Tons of corrections, moving commas, calculatting proportions.
Every oil possesses different properties, and each one introduces something completely different to the soap.
The choice of raw materials, connecting them in an ideal configuration, the skill of being able to choose ingredients in order to have them work in synergy, that is our everyday struggle on the road to perfection…
The final step of our work with a bar of soap is designing its look.
At that point we are directing our efforts on making sure that “natural” does not mean “bland.”
We believe that it is possivle to give our products a simple, but pleasing and aesthetic form.
Sometimes we get the desired effect on the first try, but more often it takes months of work, with many failures on the way.
When the recipe materializes into soap that's when the magic of making cosmetics is achieved.
Exactly measured portions of oils of the highest quality and vegetable butters are joined together with lye, then enriched with herbs, clays, aromas and ethereal oils, and poured into wooden forms where they cool into soapy blocks.
Bars are then cut from the block, stamped and laid out until they are fully “matured.”
Usually about two months pass by from the first blending of the ingredients till the moment when we take the finished bar off the drying shelf.