• Dry body brush, dark horse hair
  • Dry body brush, dark horse hair

Dry body brush, dark horse hair

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  • Handmade dark horse hair wooden brush, designed for dry body massage. Adorned with a unique tiger graphic by Monika Smetaniuk, packaged with massage instructions in an undyed cotton pouch.



Beautiful, wooden, strung and glued by hand massage brushes, engraved with tiger graphics by Monika Smetaniuk (IG: @bazgramsobie). The graphics captivated us so much they also ended up on the cotton pouches into which we put the brushes and even more beautiful massage instructions, being an integral part of the set. The whole set looks lovely and encourages you to keep it forever as a utilitarian object of aesthetic value, giving pleasure to both body and soul. Perfect as a gift for someone else or simply, for yourself. We are super happy and super proud of these brushes because from a specific practical need arose a small work of art, beautifully framed and told.
Each brush is a little different, each one is unique, but also every single one without exception gives you – or someone else – a perfect massage. We hope you will love them as much as we do.

How to use

When not to use it?
You should not massage any areas that have cuts, abrasions, bruises, acne or other lesions. Avoid moles and birthmarks. When in doubt, consult your dermatologist.

When to massage?
Whenever you want to feel the sensation of relaxation, when you want a gentle exfoliation, or you want to stimulate circulation and improve skin elasticity, prepare the epidermis for creams or oils, and even warm up a bit. Body brush massages work well on skin with cellulite, pregnant bellies (massage gently in circular movements!), and for people who are stressed out and want to improve sensory integration. Vascular skin is not a direct contraindication to massage, but the treatment should be performed gently and sensitively, and when doubt consult a cosmetologist or your doctor.

How often should you massage?
Depending on your individual skin characteristics, it can be used daily, several times a week or just every so often. You should pay attention to the condition of the skin, checking signs of over-exfoliation, redness or irritation. If such symptoms occur, you should stop massaging and consult a doctor.
Note: When performing regular body brush massages, consider whether the additional use of cosmetic scrubs (mechanical and chemical) is even necessary, or, if it is, use them interchangeably with the massage, so as not to excessively exfoliate the skin.

How long should a massage last?
It can be just a couple minutes or longer, depending on the surface of your skin and its needs ;).

Can I massage my face and neckline?
Theoretically yes, but this depends on the individual characteristics of the skin. A gentle massage with a brush held slightly diagonally to the face, conducted from the nose outward, can stimulate circulation and do a great job of preparing the face to receive cosmetics. However, it is important to pay attention to whether the skin is too delicate/very shallowly vascularized. These rules also apply to the neckline.

Can children be brushed?
Yes, they can! However, brush very gently, with the express permission of the one being brushed! Lightly massage your kid's arms, legs and back, avoiding the delicate skin on the tummy, face and neckline. This is more of a light-dabbing than brushing, but it can create an amazing ritual – before bedtime, for instance :)

How to massage?
Any way you like! With a dry brush in the bathroom or in the bedroom, standing or lying down, gently or vigorously ;). We try to find our own rhythm when using it. Massage can be gentle or dynamic, set to the rhythm of energetic music or relaxing tones, just before sleep. Massage in circular or continuous movements, always in the direction of the heart. If you experience any adverse skin reaction, stop using the glove and consult your doctor.

How to massage someone else?
With a smile on your face! And pressing down so that it's not too light (then it's ticklish!) nor too forceful, in circular movements toward the heart.

How to care for the brush?
The brush should not be soaked or washed in water. After each use, spray the bristles with a disinfectant (products with octenidine will work best – they’re available for purchase in pharmacies or online) and rake your fingers through them. Store in a pouch. The wooden handle should be oiled once every few months – simply wipe it with a cotton ball soaked in any edible oil. If the bristles become deformed, place the brush under hot steam from a kettle for a few seconds (use kitchen tongs to protect your hands from burning) and straighten the kinked hair. Store in a cotton pouch or box to prevent the bristles from getting dusty.

What's inside?

1 x dry massage brush, made from oiled beechwood, with dark horse hair from the tail
1 x massage instructions
1 x undyed cotton pouch for storing the brush

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